Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Miami Police Shame Accused Irma Looters on Twitter

On Sunday night, Miami police took two people into custody and detained two others.

Miami police posted a photo of the suspects sitting in a jail cell to Facebook, where thousands of people have reacted to the public shaming (though police did blur the faces of the suspects).

City officials lifted a 7 p.m. hurricane curfew Tuesday, but officers will be making patrols 24 hours a day to prevent any further thefts, they said.

Looting was also reported in Fort Lauderdale and in some other communities. He said police will stay vigilant as the cleanup goes on.

Rick Maglione, the police chief of Fort Lauderdale, warned residents against looting and asked them to just stay at home saying, "Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice".

One group of looters were caught on camera Sunday as they entered a back door to a Miami Foot Locker and exited with armloads of shoe boxes before hastily running to the getaway cars. Police said in the video they believe the people in the news footage are the same ones they arrested.

Maglione called the idea of stealing sneakers during a hurricane "a fairly bad life choice".

There was a "serious threat of the complete breakdown of law and order", Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan said, adding that 997 troops in the region were joined by 47 police officers in a bid to maintain order.

American Adam Lynch, who was rescued from St. Martin, attested to the fear on the island.

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