Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
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More Than One Million People Without Power As Hurricane Irma Hits

More Than One Million People Without Power As Hurricane Irma Hits

Edisto Beach Mayor Jane Darby says a family of four was rescued from their vehicle about noon Monday from a curve near the beach's pier.

Pence made the comments during a visit to the Washington headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency with treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin, Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, attorney-general Jeff Sessions and Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price. St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue has also suspended emergency services due to unsafe weather conditions. Areas to the east of the eye of the storm were hit the hardest.

Once we reach the peak of the storm, the heavy rain and wind will sustain for several hours because a tropical storm is slow moving.

Around the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, where Irma rolled through early Monday, damage appeared modest.

"I've been here with other storms, other hurricanes".

In Naples, a tide gauge reported a seven-foot rise in water levels in 90 minutes late Sunday.

That is almost at the same level as Hurricane Matthew last October.

Street flooding isn't unusual in Charleston, which also sees flooding during Nor'easters and other storms.

Irma will continue weakening into a tropical depression somewhere over northern Alabama or central Tennessee, but its swath of rain will extend from Arkansas to southwest Virginia.

The governor described overturned mobile homes, washed-ashore boats and rampant flood damage. There were 166,598 customers without power across the state of Georgia, according to Georgia Power.

The utilities report about 21,000 power outages in Beaufort County and about 18,000 in Charleston County.

Some residents went out to find Irma had stolen the water away from the beach.

While Irma will not directly strike our state, it will cause some hazardous conditions in SC.

Winds and surge have increased along the SC coast.

Officials still warn people to stay off the streets, even as the storm winds die down.

"The people of Florida need to know that our hearts and our prayers and all of our efforts are with them and will be with them until this storm passes", the vice president said.

Jacksonville, the largest city geographically in the country, is grappling with a record storm surge and huge flooding.

The island of 42,000 people is under an evacuation order.

Similar storm surge and winds gusts are possible up to coast to Charleston too.

The Tampa Bay area feared a direct hit from a major hurricane, but ended up getting more of a sideways swipe from a weakened Irma. After she blanketed much of the Caribbean as a Category 5 storm, and the National Hurricane Center had her coming straight for Hillsborough County as a Category 4, Irma ended up heading more northeast than expected.

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