Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
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US DOT outlines safe transition to self-driving cars

US DOT outlines safe transition to self-driving cars

That is the same guidance the Obama administration gave. Several companies objected to the expanded authority, such as the ability to approve or reject a self-driving vehicle system before it could be sold. There is nothing to prohibit California, for instance, from requiring human backup drivers on highly automated vehicles, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would discourage that.

According to the NTSB assessment, the cause of the crash was a combination of the "driver's inattention" and the Tesla automation system that "permitted the vehicle driver's overreliance on the automation".

Chao appeared in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at a facility where automakers and others are testing technology that allows vehicles to communicate with street lights, or operate autonomously.

These federal regulations would also prevent state legislators from barring automakers from building and using these vehicles as the federal ruling would be king in this situation. The first such guidelines released under the Trump administration, the Vision for Safety 2.0 scales back some of the recommendations outlined a year ago under President Obama.

Chao said the Trump plan will provide for competition for federal money. That guidance was also meant to be updated at least annually as the technology progresses. It also alters data sharing and privacy elements of the original policy, one of the people familiar said. She said it was the right approach for technology that is constantly changing, and regulators will be able to bar autonomous vehicles if they prove unsafe in the future. Senators released draft text of legislation on Friday, just days after House lawmakers unanimously passed a bill of their own.

General Motors Co (GM.N) praised the revised policy for "clear, streamlined, and flexible guidance for the safe and responsible design, manufacture, and deployment of self-driving vehicles". All letters submitted to this address will be considered for publication.

"In addition to safety", Chao said, "ADS technology offers important social benefits by improving access to transportation, independence and quality of life for those who can not drive because of illness, advanced age or disability".

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