Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Why Trump will have to continue working with Democrats

Why Trump will have to continue working with Democrats

"Accepting an invitation to dinner with President Trump is one of many steps he has taken and will continue to take with that in mind". House Speaker Paul Ryan said an outline will be unveiled during the work week beginning September 25, with the House tax-writing committees then crafting legislation in the subsequent weeks. What did we tell the American people were going to do at election time?

President Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday morning urging members of Congress to work on tax reform - and to do it quickly.

Still, just having the option on the table of delaying the debt ceiling changes the entire narrative for Republicans, many of whom were lambasting Trump for dealing with the Democrats and chastising McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan for not anticipating the deal and preventing it.

A U.S. Republican senator involved in U.S. tax reform negotiations said on Monday that he expects to share the Trump tax reform plan with other lawmakers after holding hearings on overhauling the tax code.

Trump is doing everything he can to advance his agenda as president of the United States of America without the help of congressional Republicans, Ingraham said.

"The need to pass the 2018 budget, deal with the deadline on raising the debt ceiling and overcoming the divisions that defeated healthcare legislation will make tax reform a tall order for 2017", Matthew Becker, leader of BDO USA's National Tax Office, said in a statement.

The U.S. Senate begins tax overhaul hearings this week. House Democrats had pushed for an increase to 6.99 percent from 6.35 percent, but that plan has been shelved for good, so it appears. The White House has left it to congressional tax-writing committees to fill in the details.

"I just can't see how it affects a spending habit of somebody that's going out to eat and it allows the municipalities to have a revenue source to offset some of their difficulties they have right now", Aresimowics said.

The group discussed tax reform and infrastructure with the president and his Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin and his economic advisor Gary Cohn.

"Ideally, he'd like to get it down to 15 percent".

A key topic of discussion is Trump's push for Congress to send him a bill to cut taxes for corporations and individuals.

Democratic aides said Schumer and Pelosi will press Trump on Wednesday evening for action to protect the Dreamers after the president rescinded a five-year-old program to spare them from deportation, and to stabilize health insurance markets under Obamacare.

Trump is also planning a huge tax cut for individuals who use "pass-through" corporations, which includes the Trump family.

"Despite promises and commitments they've made to the American voters since 2010, we don't feel like we can assume we can get tax reform done strictly on a partisan basis, so it would be wise for us ... to try and reach out and earn the support from Democrats as well", he concluded.

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