Published: Thu, September 14, 2017
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Apple Watch 3 review: Hands on with Apple's first 4G smartwatch

Apple Watch 3 review: Hands on with Apple's first 4G smartwatch

How LTE Works on the Apple Watch Series 3? With competition already offering a range of 4K enabled products, Apple are playing catch-up by finally introducing Apple TV 4K, complete with the high 3840 × 2160 pixel count and HDR functionality. A user will be able to make and receive calls even when away from the iPhone using the Apple Watch series 3 Cellular. For music lovers, you can easily connect your AirPods through this watch so you can carry music anywhere you go.

The US technology giant revealed its latest smartwatch during a major launch event at its new headquarters in Cupertino on Tuesday. The metal casing hasn't changed but the back sapphire crystal is about 0.25mm thicker, which in Apple's words works out to about the thickness of a couple of sheets of paper; for most people, not a deal-breaker.

But you won't just be paying for that cellular radio.

The company started their presentation of devices with the Apple #Watch Series 3. Both will get to take advantage of a new barometric altimeter to measure elevation, a faster dual-core S3 processor, and water resistance up to 50m.

While the talk time figures are a little disappointing, there is good news for audio fans.

Apple has also designed a new custom wireless chip called W2, making Wi-Fi 85 per cent faster and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 50 per cent more power efficient, while still providing all-day battery life and keeping the size virtually the same as before. Matched with the new Watch's sensors, the system will now alert users if their heart rate seems abnormal when not working out or exercising.

The Apple TV 4K box also supports content sharing from iPhone and iPad, using AirPlay. It can also be used to access 40 million songs on the iTunes with just a click and one can also pair their AirPods with the wearable. Battery life is also the same as a year ago: up to 18 hours in-between charges. The company boasts a bunch of new upgrades for the watch which now includes a built-in cellular. As you'd expect, Apple has also redone the TV's interface in 4K.

What better way is there to make you want to buy devices that can stream 4K content, like the new Apple TV 4K, than by cutting the price of 4K movies all the way down to HD levels? For Apple Watch Edition lovers there's a new grey ceramic option on the way too. Yes, that means there's still a speaker, and the Series 3 is indeed waterproof like the previous model was.

Apple TV 4K will be available from September 22 and will cost US$179 for a 32Gb version or US$199 for 64Gb model in the United States - a substantial premium on rival streaming players like Amazon's Fire TV or Google's Chromecast.

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