Published: Thu, September 14, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Facebook tightens rules on earning platform ad money

Facebook tightens rules on earning platform ad money

At launch, this tool will give advertisers a preview of partners using Instant Articles and in-stream videos on Facebook as well as publishers monetizing their sites and apps via Audience Network.

As we continue to expand our monetization offerings, it's important that we provide clear guidelines around what can and cannot be monetized on our platform.

That's why today, we are introducing monetization eligibility standards. For Audience Network, we expect the full list of publishers on the complete set of formats to be available by October. New monetization eligibility standards make clear what is not permitted on Facebook - including clickbait and sensational content. The company reported that the Facebook is trying to come up with a set of tools and guidelines that detail the users including the creators and publishers so that they can make money as the content is posted on the platform with the incredible new revenue sharing business model. The new guidelines, which apply to publishers that want to run ads with their content, require an "authentic, established presence on Facebook - they are who they represent themselves to be, and have had a profile or page on Facebook for at least one month", the company said.

As for videos, publishers that want to place ad breaks in between content may need to have "sufficient" follower bases. As of now, the new content guidelines apply to videos but they will be extended to Instant Articles in the future. "We want to ensure that advertisers feel confident in their investment on our platform and brand safety and what content ads are running against has been an area of concern".

At the same time, Facebook's vice president of media partnerships, Nick Grudin, used a blog post to introduce the new content monetization standards and guidelines. While it clarified the types of publications that will no longer get ad money, it also removed the line between content that promotes unsavory or offensive subjects and content that's reporting on them - a move that could have a big impact on the sorts of topics that will appear on Facebook. While Brand safety has always been the top priority with thousands of advertisers posting ads on the Facebook, it is mandatory that the company should take some effort especially after the advertisers tanked the YouTube ads after discovering that the ads were run in all kind of content that promoted a lot of degrading phenomena including racism. If you believe your content should be eligible, you can reach out through the appeals channel.

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