Published: Thu, September 14, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Man accused of killing his mom in hospital to be arraigned

Man accused of killing his mom in hospital to be arraigned

Police who were letting traffic through on Mount Support Road stopped a silver Ford SUV at one point and approached it with their guns drawn.

Shortly after 3 p.m., Lebanon police and New Hampshire State Police were actively sweeping the hospital campus, including checking under and around cars in the parking lot.

According to law enforcement, police officers were sent to the hospital.

Jean Fay, a cardio tech at the hospital, said she was in the middle of an exam and didn't hear an alarm.

The shooting occurred Tuesday afternoon, prompting hospital staff evacuation.

Manuel Bermudez, a surgical technician, said the first indicator of trouble was a "Code Silver" alert over the intercom.

Authorities say the building is still on lockdown and that they are clearing the area of possible threats, according to the collegiate publication The Dartmouth. "The further that they were moving us was when we were starting to think, something is really serious", said Dwyer. He said he and his wife married 20 years ago. "We talked about it and made a decision to evacuate to the hallways".

He then allegedly left the room without saying a word, and was arrested while leaving the hospital campus.

Police said that when officers opened the door of the running auto with fogged windows, they found the inside of the vehicle very hot and smelling of alcohol and vomit.

In 2013, Frinks ex-wife and her 3-year-old son were found dead inside a running vehicle at an apartment complex in Rhode Island. The man was taken away in a police cruiser, and caution tape was put up around the vehicle. Forty percent of its patients are from Vermont. "For those that sheltered in place, thank you for the care and comfort you gave to patients and their families during this stressful time".

Little is known about a Rhode Island man accused of fatally shooting his mother in the intensive care unit of New Hampshire's largest hospital, but his Facebook page shows he got engaged last December.

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