Published: Sun, September 17, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Decision to reopen keys after Irma was difficult, officials say

Decision to reopen keys after Irma was difficult, officials say

Trump's visit came the day after police in Hollywood, Florida, launched an criminal investigation into a nursing home where eight patients died after the facility lost power and continued to operate with little or no air conditioning in sweltering heat.

"We've gone as long as 10 days before without power, but we were a lot younger; it was easier then", said Wallen jokingly.

"Most of the patients have been treated for respiratory distress, dehydration, & heat- related issues", doctors said during a news conference. However, when she showed up to work, paramedics were barring the doors and telling her she could not enter. Sanchez said precautionary checks would be done on Hollywood's 42 other nursing homes.

NextEra Energy Inc's FPL, which serves almost 5 million homes and businesses, expects to restore power to essentially all its customers, in the eastern portion of Florida by the end of the weekend and the harder-hit western portion of the state by September 22. Jorge Carballo, the nursing home's administrator, said staff had stocked seven days' worth of food and were using a power generator.

An Edneyville man died Tuesday from carbon monoxide poisoning, a Hendersonville County medical examiner said.

Orange County Sheriff's Office spokesman Jeff Williams told The Associated Press a deputy responded to the the home following a 911 call from what sounded like a juvenile. The AP also reports that four people in SC and two in Georgia have died.

Patients were evacuated to Memorial Regional Hospital and other facilities in the Memorial Healthcare System.

In total, 115 people have since been evacuated from the home. The chief said authorities have not ruled anything out in the deaths, including carbon monoxide poisoning from generators.

The governor said he has ordered a probe by state authorities.

Elsewhere, a South Florida townhouse that weathered the storm was gutted by fire when power was restored, which caused the stove to ignite items left on the cooktop. But no one knows for sure how much it will cost to clean up following Hurricane Irma. At least 37 people were killed in the Caribbean.

"We're going to be there". After arriving in Fort Myers, Mr Trump said: "When you think of the incredible power of that storm, and while people unfortunately passed, it was such a small number".

The facility reported yesterday that its fans and spot coolers were in working order, and that it had power, according to the statement. Meanwhile, the state estimates that 4.4 million people in the state remain without power.

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