Published: Sun, September 17, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Grosjean Questions Viability of a Wet Singapore Grand Prix

The motorsport series came under new ownership this year when the USA sports and entertainment firm Liberty Media bought out investment fund CVC Capital Partners, and Carey ended Bernie Ecclestone's reign lasting almost 40 years. Mercedes now lead Ferrari by 62 points - and this weekend represents a great chance for Ferrari, who undoubtedly hold the upper hand in Singapore - to close the gap on the Silver Arrows. Vettel is now second in the point standings behind Hamilton after finishing third in the Italian Grand Prix two weeks ago.

Organisers project that another 100,000 may visit this year's race. The only night race on the calendar will continue until 2021.

Essential to building the world's fastest vehicles, Formula One technology has been sought-after by various global industries and is closely monitored by racing fans who attend the annual Singapore event, which was Asia's first-ever street circuit.

This comes as ticket sales so far for this year's Singapore Grand Prix are up 19 per cent, with weekend sales still to be included. Besides India, Korea is another country that could not survive in F1 for long.

Carey has big plans to expand F1's reach, both in terms of adding more races and increasing its digital appeal, an area largely neglected by Ecclestone. We pushed pretty hard but, unfortunately, we don't have much balance here. But Asian in general is tremendously important.

Carry said the sport's revamp has already started. It is still early days.

"We think agreements should always reflect ongoing fair value between two parties and we're happy to have to build this sport if we want to receive increased value over time, to make sure we're delivering better and better events".

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