Published: Sun, September 17, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

The "smart" Apple Watch has found a significant defect

Apple Inc. has announced its iPhones on Tuesday at Steve Jobs Theaters. Like the iPhone 8 tariff we just mentioned you pay the same upfront cost and reap all the same benefits with the bonus of 30GB of data in place of 12GB, that's good for tethering too. While on the subject of cameras, the iPhone 8 Plus has two new sensors and a new feature called Portrait Lighting. Both devices run on latest iOS 11, Touch ID is present in the front on both the smartphones.

Apple, however, isn't revealing how many watches it has sold but it did reveal the growth has been 50 percent over last year's figures.

Here's everything you need to know about the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It's cheaper - particularly if you go for the Quidco offer - and is a major upgrade on the existing iPhone 7, especially when one considers the inevitable bug issues and teething problems that the iPhone X is sure to have. Something like a Siri query - probably the thing you want to do the most on your Watch - will take way longer, as data has to be uploaded to the server and the response returned. You get about 1.2 by 0.85 inches of visible screen, with a resolution of 348-by-250 pixels.

The Apple Watch Series 3 also features a brand new processor: the S3.

However, a Rolex will only show the time and do it flawlessly for years or even decades. It also comes with the dual-camera setup at the back with a pair of 12-megapixel cameras that can take better pictures. The iPhone 8 Plus is priced at $799 and $949 for the same respective storage variants. The smartphone will be available in India starting November 3. The smartwatch is coming with a big addition - the LTE connectivity. We doubt that an average Watch Series 3 user will be able to talk continuously for an hour over it. It's now available in the "2-3 weeks" timeframe.

The Series 3 also features a new W2 chip that is used for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And don't forget the Series 3 doesn't only go high, it goes low-as in underwater. The one with LTE support comes at $399 (Rs 25,500 approximately), and one without it for $329 (Rs 21,000 approximately).

It remains to be seem whether LTE speeds are necessary or not for the Apple Watch.

AT&T has a trade-in offer for the 32 GB iPhone 7 model, but the discount is sub-$300, while Verizon accepts an iPhone 6 and offers a discount of $200 for purchasing one of the new iPhones.

YouTube has also added support for HDR content recently. However, the backtracking likely came about after the carrier realize that none of the other United States mobile networks were imposing data speed limits on the new Apple Watch.

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