Published: Sun, September 17, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Trump's tax talks 'productive,' White House says

Trump's tax talks 'productive,' White House says

Ryan, R-Wis., said the GOP's goal is to enact tax overhaul into law by the end of this year, not simply push it through the heavily Republican House, "so that we start 2018 in a new tax system".

The "Better Way" campaign manifesto Ryan released past year stated that the GOP "envisions tax reform that is revenue neutral".

In the face of an intense backlash from conservatives inside the Capitol and out, Speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP House members adamantly insisted that there was no agreement to enshrine protections for the immigrants brought to America as children and now here illegally. "I think the president understands that he's going to have to work with the congressional majorities to get any kind of legislative solution".

The Wisconsin Republicans says an AP Newsmakers interview that he wanted the White House to provide time for a legislative fix because he didn't want the program "to be rescinded on Day One and create chaos".

In subsequent tweets, Trump appeared to endorse protecting recipients of DACA, however, while pushing his campaign promise of a southern border wall.

The announcement of the working group comes shortly after Democrats declared they struck an agreement with the president to codify safeguards for "DREAMers" while crafting a border security package that doesn't include funding for a border wall.

Cuellar said Trump urged lawmakers to link a Republican bill to cut legal immigration to the United States with protections for Dreamers.

Trump has announced that he'll dismantle the Obama administration's program in six months.

He says deporting those covered by the program is "not in our nation's interest". DACA has extended temporary work permits and deportation protection to almost 800,000 younger immigrants brought to the minors.

After months of disarray and confusion at the White House, Ryan said its operations have been getting better lately. "But at the same time, I think it's only reasonable - it makes flawless common sense - that we deal with the problem that was the root cause of this, which is we do not have operational control of our borders", he said, adding: "This is a broken system that needs to be fixed".

Following the dinner, a White House official said the president, Schumer and Pelosi discussed tax reform, immigration, border security, infrastructure investments and trade as part of Trump's bid to reach out to Democrats.

Kelly has been credited with instilling more order in the West Wing.

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