Published: Wed, September 20, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Alfred Sant requests European Commission action on Ryanair flight cancellations

Alfred Sant requests European Commission action on Ryanair flight cancellations

Ryanair has cancelled 702 flights to or from Italian airports in the period up to the end of October, according to a list of ditched services on the Irish low-priced airlines website.

Amid a flurry of complaints about customers being left stranded - with many forking out for accommodation and struggling to contact the airline - it announced on Wednesday that it was making progress in tackling the backlog.

All 315,000 customers have been notified of cancellations and their options.

By the end of today, more than 63,000 flight refunds will have been processed, Ryanair said, returning money to 20 per cent of affected customers.

It said more than 175,000 customers - 55pc of those affected - had now been put on another flight and that every single customer had been emailed on Monday September 18 alerting them to the cancellation, offering alternative flights and outlining the options for a refund and further compensation under European Union 261 rules.

Southend Airport is offering free flights to some Ryanair passengers whose flights have been cancelled.

Ryanair customers are reporting problems claiming their refunds & compensation for cancelled flights, as the company says it is "doing everything it can" to process requests.

Ryanair had previously estimated the number of passengers affected by the cancellations would reach 390,000, but has now reduced that figure because "forward bookings in September were 90% but October were 70%".

"We expect to have the vast majority of these completed by the end of this week".

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