Published: Wed, September 20, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Nike Connected Jersey: The first National Basketball Association jersey with NFC chip

Nike Connected Jersey: The first National Basketball Association jersey with NFC chip

After announcing its partnership with the National Basketball Association this past summer, Nike unveiled the brand new statement edition uniforms that'll be used this 2017-18 National Basketball Association season over the weekend.

First up-its own campaign, part of the league's "This Is Why We Play" global platform. The fourth team edition will be released later this year.

Ushering in a radical evolution of the fan experience, NIKE, Inc. and the NBA today unveiled three new innovations: the Nike NBA Connected Jersey, the first NBA jersey that gives the wearer an all-access pass into the world of their favorite team and players; Statement Edition uniforms; and the Nike Therma Flex Showtime Warm-up Jacket, the first hooded jacket to be worn on the court during gametime.

Snag your own connected jersey beginning September 29 via,, Nike stores, and team retailers worldwide.

Here Are All of Nike's NBA Statement Edition Uniforms

They'll debut the new NikeConnect system, which relies on a mobile app of the same name that reacts to NFC tags embedded in the jerseys. "With NikeConnect, we deliver to basketball fans everywhere the personal and premium experiences we know they love". Dubbed as the Statement Edition uniform kits, the jerseys feature a brand new modern look with several updates made to the aesthetic of the jerseys.

Users can personalize the program to highlight their favorite team and player; the status bar shows a pre-game countdown, in-game score, or post-game final based on your squad preferences.

Download the NikeConnect app, available for iOS 11 and Android. Each has team-specific detailing; Chicago's pays homage to its historic use of pinstripes, while Cleveland's displays the franchise's secondary logo. Better still, "Tap in on game day to get additional access to exclusive offers" from the app's "Offers" tab.

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