Published: Wed, September 20, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Proterra electric bus sets electric vehicle range record

Proterra electric bus sets electric vehicle range record

Bus Catalyst E2 Max from the company Proterra, driven by electric motors, overcame 1100,1 miles (1772,21 km) without the additional power of batteries.

An electric bus has broken a world record by travelling more than 1,000 miles on a single charge.

After its Catalyst E2 Max bus, fitted with a 660kWh battery, was driven 1861 kilometres without recharging at the Navistar proving ground in New Carlisle, Indiana on 4 September, Proterra chief commercial officer Matt Horton pointed out that the previous record of 1713 kilometres was set by a auto 46 times lighter than the Catalyst E2 Max.

When we think of EVs setting driving range records, odds are you think about a small electric vehicle with a comparatively large battery crammed inside.

Cities around the world are looking to use more electric vehicles for public transport, to combat air pollution.

The startup has launched a new battery financing model so transit agencies can buy the Catalyst E2 at roughly the same price as a diesel alternative, Proterra said in a statement.

Tesla may have some more competition but not for its electric cars. One U.S. company is looking to dismantle that myth when it comes to buses, and it may have just hit an important milestone in its quest. Now, this is a hard comparison to make as a bus is a lot larger than a auto, however, it does show off the triumph Proterra has attained.

"If it is getting to the point now that a bus is travelling a significantly long distance, then that changes the perception of what an electric vehicle can deliver".

While battery weight is seen as a problem for heavy-duty trucks, eating into cargo capacity, Horton said that a bus is much lighter than a loaded big rig, even with a full complement of passengers.

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