Published: Wed, September 20, 2017
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Sheriff Reese defends Multnomah County's sanctuary status following Sessions speech

Sheriff Reese defends Multnomah County's sanctuary status following Sessions speech

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to speak about immigration during an event with law enforcement in Portland. But she says she never got a response from Sessions or his staff.

Sessions' visit comes as Portland and state Democratic political leaders are at loggerheads with the Trump administration on immigration enforcement, nominations for judicial vacancies and marijuana enforcement.

"I strongly oppose the Trump administration's efforts to coerce local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration laws", Wheeler said.

"Oregon is a state that welcomes and wants to encourage our immigrant and our refuge communities", Brown said. "We see them as a very important part of Oregon's cultural and economic fabric, and they're part of what makes OR unique".

At the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services field office in Portland on Tuesday, Sessions - an outspoken critic of sanctuary cities like Portland and Hillsboro - addressed a largely silent audience of about 60 employees from a variety of federal agencies.

"When cities like Philadelphia, Boston, or San Francisco advertise that they have these policies, the criminals take notice", Sessions said in a July 12 speech on sanctuary cities. "I urge the city of Portland, the state of OR, and every sanctuary jurisdiction to reconsider". Those are requests ICE sends to local jails to hold someone when they think the jail has someone in its custody who is in the country illegally.

"I urge Gov. Brown of California not to sign this law that is in front of him", Sessions said. "Cooperation has been a key element in informed crime fighting for decades". Hillsboro and Washington County made similar declerations, citing OR law, which bars government agencies from working with immigration officials statewide.

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese said in a statement that Sessions "refused to acknowledge" the 2014 court ruling during the closed door meeting. But Martinez was let go without notification, and subsequently attacked and raped a woman in her home before being arrested again.

(Youngblood) "This bill is nothing about us and immigration, it's about anti-Trump".

800,000 DACA recipients have been granted the ability to live, work and study within the US through the program former President Barack Obama enacted during his time in office. Jerry Brown, who has announced his support for the bill. One, from Milenio, Portland's Resistance and Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario accused Sessions for "racism, anti-immigrant stances, deplorable criminal justice policies and attachment to Donald Trump".

"Forcing local law enforcement to act like immigration agents makes all of us less safe", Reese said.

Mother Jones just reported that on Sept.r 15, a federal judge created a nationwide injunction blocking Sessions' move to hold back funds from cities maintaining sanctuary status.

Reese also took to Twitter to criticize Sessions' speech.

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