Published: Wed, September 20, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Thor: Ragnarok's Taika Waititi reportedly in negotiations to helm Akira

Thor: Ragnarok's Taika Waititi reportedly in negotiations to helm Akira

Warner Bros. has been looking to adapt Katsuhiro Otomo's 1988 film Akira into a pair of big budget, live-action feature films for almost a decade, with the first attempt hoping to star Leonardo DiCaprio back in 2008.

Deadline reports that Warner negotiating with Waititi to direct the film, which was nearly made a few times over the past decade.

And as a person of color himself, Waititi is an inspired choice to direct this movie; assuming he's interested, I'd much rather have him on board than someone like Daniel Espinosa (Safe House, Life), who was attached earlier this year.

Set in a future city environment called New Manhattan, the sci-fi epic follows the leader of a bike gang who must save his best friend, who has been experimented on by the government causing him to develop unsafe and destructive psychokinetic powers.

Apparently the studio intends to make two movies from the six volumes of Akira source material, with both films each based on three volumes respectively.

Leonardo DiCaprio will server as one of the producers for the film with his Appian Way partner Jennifer Davisson and Mad Chance's Andrew Lazar. Then the Hughes Brothers and Jaume Collet-Serra were said to be involved before production stalled. Pictures to direct Akira, the live-action version of the classic manga by Katsuhiro Otomo that was made into an anime motion picture in 1988. The goal in the past has been to break the story into two films, but we have yet to know if that's still the case. He was set to start rolling only for the project to be shut down, with Warner Bros. citing script and budget issues.

Waititi's next project is scheduled to be the Fox Searchlight film Jojo Rabbit, which he also wrote.

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