Published: Wed, September 20, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Trump to talk tough in first United Nations speech

Trump to talk tough in first United Nations speech

Few others, however, would have used the world's premier worldwide stage to bestow a nickname like the one Trump levelled at Kim Jong Un.

Trump is in NY to attend the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly.The UN Security Council last week unanimously passed a US-drafted resolution that imposes strongest sanctions ever on North Korea, including restricting its oil imports and banning textile exports, to curb the reclusive nation's nuclear programme.

"We will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea", Trump said, before calling Kim by a nickname he gave the dictator on Twitter over the weekend. And again, it reflects the facts on the ground having changed and that the intelligent estimate of the United States that they've obtained this capacity is different. But hopefully, this will not be necessary. "It has turned a wealthy country with rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos", Trump said. He has been so critical of the United Nations.

"We can not let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building unsafe missiles and we can not abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear program", Trump told the assembly.

He actually thanked the United Nations for its work in levelling economic sanctions on North Korea, and saluted the role played by China and Russian Federation. Trump also slammed Venezuela and Iran, again hinting that the US could withdraw from the multi-national Iran nuclear deal.

Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran, wrote that "Trump's ignorant hate speech belongs in medieval times-not the 21st Century UN -unworthy of a reply". Fiery talk can lead to fatal misunderstandings. "And we all know that, and none of us want that".

Here is the president of the United States on the floor of the U.N. General Assembly threatening the destruction of another nation.

Republican Senator Corey Gardner (R-CO) applauded the tough line on North Korea.

"As North Korea continues its illegal nuclear weapons program, commits blatant violations of global law, and makes threats to our country and allies, the confirmation of a U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Korea must be prioritized", the letter said.

In brief comments yesterday, the president echoed previous sentiments that the United Nations has great potential, but that it has lost its way and that the shouldering too much of the burden.

At the same time, the administration signaled that it is not pursuing regime change, a position that could help persuade Beijing to play a stronger role in pressuring Kim.

The prime minister arrived in NY on Tuesday night to be honoured by the Atlantic Council think tank for his support for global trade and diversity.

The president touched on a broad spectrum of topics, from the recent spate of deadly hurricanes to his vision of "America First" and the concept of sovereignty, which observers saw as the beginnings of a Trump Doctrine.

"We need to do a better job of ensuring the benefits of trade extend to the middle class and those working hard to join the middle class - not just the wealthiest few", Trudeau said. Onetime Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney tweeted that Trump "gave a strong and needed challenge" to the United Nations.

The Trump administration has been pushing countries to sever relations with the regime, including Vice President Mike Pence, who brought it up during his trip to Latin America last month.

The reactions from Zimbabwe delegates occurred during a part in Trump's speech where he discussed the US bearing an "unfair cost burden".

Yet Trump said last week that he and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are skeptical that the sanctions will have a significant impact on North Korea's nuclear ambitions. Number two, I was struck by the fact he said, this is a bad deal for the United States.

Kerry also rejected claims that diplomacy has not worked with North Korea for the past two decades.

Inside the hall, one man in the audience covered his face with his hands shortly after Trump made his "totally destroy" comment. "There is no higher price to be paid than this". The deal is overwhelmingly supported by United Nations member states, including most of Washington's closest allies, with the exception of Israel. That's why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemed so enthusiastic about the speech.

- "In over 30 years in my experience with the United Nations, I never heard a bolder or more courageous speech".

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