Published: Thu, September 21, 2017
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Senate Republicans want $1.5 trillion in tax cuts by 2027

Senate Republicans want $1.5 trillion in tax cuts by 2027

Enter Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader with the spirit of bipartisanship all but disappearing under his many jowls. The stabilization bill would have Congress provide Obamacare subsidies while allowing states more flexibility.

The private outreach is part of a more concerted White House effort to fix relations Trump damaged with his own party over a tumultuous August, following the failure of the GOP effort to repeal Obamacare and a slew of White House controversies, including the President's controversial handling of a deadly protest in Charlottesville. The new legislation, by Graham and Sen.

Trump is not working with Democrats out of feelings of good will, but rather because they can deliver votes for him, as the billionaire businessman-turned-politician took office many months ago and still hasn't delivered on any major promises, experts said. "It's an intriguing idea and one that has a great deal of support". We are to believe that Trump has abandoned his platform and now adopted the Democratic platform.

Trump earlier this month made a deal with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California to fund the government until mid-December, surprising leaders in his own party.

The most recent GOP bill was filed last week by Republicans Heller, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. "Maybe they don't care".

Democrats backed by doctors, hospitals, and patients' groups mustered an all-out effort to finally smother the GOP drive, warning of millions losing coverage and others facing skimpier policies. Tax cuts in the works could add hundreds of billions of dollars to the debt while bipartisan pressure for more money for defense, infrastructure and domestic agencies could mean nearly $100 billion in additional spending next year alone. They included independent Gov. Bill Walker of Alaska. Sen.

Trump's deal with Democrats excluded the children of "undocumented" immigrants.

Christie comes out against Graham-Cassidy
Senate Republicans want $1.5 trillion in tax cuts by 2027

On Tuesday, Pence left his United Nations meetings in NY to attend the Senate Republican policy lunch in Washington. Cruz claimed that Senate Republicans had 45-46 votes in the Senate, in response to Sen.

Special procedures protecting the GOP bill from filibusters - which take 60 votes to block - expire September 30, and after that Democratic opposition would guarantee its defeat. Bob Corker of Tennessee, are pushing back.

The healthcare issue continues to be at an impasse, with House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and the White House on Tuesday informing Senate Republican leaders they oppose a bipartisan Obamacare stabilization bill, according to a report in Politico.

Kohn says the next big test of the alliance between Trump and the Democratic leaders will likely come when Congress reviews the details of the president's tax reform plan.

He also said the Trump administration should "admit" that former President Obama "did some things right". North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows, who leads the House Freedom Caucus, said that "if we try to get the political rhetoric out of it and actually look for real solutions", a deal is "entirely possible".

"Governors and state legislators of both parties would have both the opportunity and the responsibility to help make quality and affordable health care available to their citizens in a way that works for their own particular states", McConnell said on the Senate floor.

Other Republicans who've not yet lined up behind the bill include Murkowski, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, John McCain of Arizona and Ohio's Rob Portman.

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