Published: Fri, September 22, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Iran president says Trump's United Nations speech was full of 'ugly, ignorant words'

Iran president says Trump's United Nations speech was full of 'ugly, ignorant words'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, speaking at a press conference following his speech at the UN General Assembly, said that a USA betrayal of the deal will make future negotiations impossible.

Iran shouldn't be clubbed with North Korea.

"Pulling the U.S. out of the deal would not only erode the credibility of the U.S. It would also deal a heavy blow to the worldwide nuclear non-proliferation drive, and set a bad precedent that would surely hamper the ongoing multinational efforts at finding a peaceful solution to the Korean Peninsula nuclear deadlock through negotiations", said China Daily.

One day before, in his first speech to the UN body, Trump lambasted Iran as a top global threat and characterized its nuclear agreement with world powers- formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action- as an "embarrassment" to the United States.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that no one will trust the USA again if President Donald Trump quits the 2015 nuclear deal. It will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by "rogue" newcomers to the world of politics: "the world will have lost a great opportunity".

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China - plus Germany signed the JCPOA on July 14, 2015 and started implementing it on January 16, 2016. At a news conference Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed hope that the deal could be upheld, noting that the US does not appear to have an alternative.

"In over 30 years in my experience with the United Nations, I never heard a bolder or more courageous speech", the Israeli leader said. "So why should negotiations on other issues be held [with the U.S.]?"

"We've all been involved in lengthy discussions, not just about the Iran deal, but about Iran's destabilizing behavior broadly", he said.

The Iranian president and the British prime minister also called for the expansion of bilateral ties.

Rouhani denied that Iran had ever sought to obtain nuclear weapons and said the ballistic missiles it has been testing would be used only for defensive purposes.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told CNN on Monday that the United States will pay a "high cost" if Trump decides to leave the deal.

Abbas also suggested that Israel was seeking to ignite a "religious war" with repeated provocations over a disputed holy site in Jerusalem's Old City, and denounced Jewish settlement-building activity in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, saying "Israel builds wherever it wishes".

"In his speech, Trump called on all nations to respect the rights of other nations".

While it may say more about his regard for Rex Tillerson, Trump hadn't even informed his secretary of State that he'd made up his mind about the Iran deal.

Before the start of his meeting with Netanyahu at a NY hotel upon being asked about whether he is thinking of abandoning the nuclear pact with Iran, Trump responded: "You'll be seeing very soon". We can easily go back to previous conditions if counterparts were to not live up to their commitments.

A group of Democratic senators is pressing the Trump administration to comply with a law that requires the administration to tell Congress of potential breaches by Iran of the landmark nuclear deal.

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