Published: Mon, September 25, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Destiny 2 Servers Currently Down For Maintenance

Destiny 2 Servers Currently Down For Maintenance

Ever since the destruction of the Tower, Destiny 2 players have been wondering how they were going to be able to show their support for factions and unlock those sweet sweet shaders.

The early days of a massive online game such as Destiny 2 are fraught with technical challenges that need to be overcome quickly and as smoothly as possible. Much like vendors now in the game, the Faction Rally will see representatives from Dead Orbit, Future War Cult and New Monarchy returning. On September 26, however, the factions - New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, and Future War Cult - will return with tokens, faction packages, and powerful weapons. The faction that sees the most rank up packages earned by players will see a designated weapon doled out. Anyone who did not pledge can still get it, but will have to pay a higher price of 50,000 glimmer.

It's also worth noting that you can only pledge your loyalty to a Faction if you have finished the campaign and reached Level 20.

Have big plans in Destiny 2 today, Guardian?

This maintenance is ahead of update 1.0.3, which you'll have to download after the servers go back up. Bungie will make sure that each Faction is given Powerful Gear that is likely to catch the attention of veteran Guardians.

If you only have one character in Destiny 2 and don't want to back the wrong horse, we'd recommend paying a visit to the DestinyTheGame subreddit after the weekly reset on September 26.

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