Published: Tue, September 26, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Malaysia disassociates with ASEAN Myanmar statement

Malaysia disassociates with ASEAN Myanmar statement

On September 25, Myanmar Police found a mass grave containing dozens of dead bodies of Hindus, in the conflict-torn Rakhine state.

In Bangladesh, relief agencies are struggling to meet the vast needs of the Rohingya cramming into shanties in Cox's Bazar, an influx the United Nations has described as the "fastest and most urgent refugee emergency in the world".

Hindus once sold food to Rohingyas, spoke the same language and even cut the hair of their Muslim neighbors.

Asked about the possible topics of discussion if the Myanmar visit takes place, the minister said: "Rohingya repatriation and initiatives to stop drug smuggling would have topped the agenda". Zayar Nyein said. The government's Information Committee said on its Facebook page that all eight males were boys, including six who were under 10 years old. It said a refugee in Bangladesh had claimed that some 300 Arsa militants had marched about 100 people out of the village on August 25 and killed them.

The claims could not be independently verified.

The U.N. refugee agency called for a redoubling of global aid for the 480,000 refugees - 60 percent of them children - who have fled to Bangladesh since August 25 to escape the violence. Others have complained of being attacked by Rohingya insurgents on suspicion of being government spies.

They have been carrying out the attacks on the Hindu villages since a month. At global level, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, Chechnya and other Muslim countries have openly condemned Myanmar's insensitivity towards Rohingyas and demanded peaceful solution to the crisis.

Hindus from Myanmar have joined streams of Muslim Rohingyas to seek refuge in Bangladesh after the recent killings from their community in the ethnic violence in the neighbouring Buddhist-majority country.

The South Asian regional seminar of Communist and Left parties has urged the governments of South Asia, including Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Nepal, and the worldwide community to finalise a roadmap to solve the Rohingya crisis. While looking at the history, one finds that Rohingyas are the world's most oppressed and persecuted minority.

Inside Rakhine, bitter ethnic tensions have led to waves of communal violence in the past.

"The Burmese military is brutally expelling the Rohingya from northern Rakhine state", said James Ross, legal and policy director at New York-based Human Rights Watch. But many of those who fled to Bangladesh accuse the military and Buddhist mobs of beating and killing villagers and razing their communities.

"What is crucial now is that Asean undertakes a coordinated effort to assist Myanmar in addressing the needs of the people in the area, in particular their security, livelihood, and well-being, and to provide humanitarian assistance to those communities which are affected", the DFA said. "So the government is thinking of separating such children who have come here without their parents", Rahman said.

Thousands of young men joined the attacks in support of Arsa, armed with machetes and bamboo sticks, but very few were trained and armed militants, they say.

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