Published: Tue, September 26, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

USA imposes travel restrictions on N. Korea, 7 other nations

USA imposes travel restrictions on N. Korea, 7 other nations

"The fact that Trump has added North Korea - with few visitors to the USA - and a few government officials from Venezuela doesn't obfuscate the real fact that the administration's order is still a Muslim ban", American Civil Liberties Union executive director Anthony D. Romero said in a statement Sunday night, after Trump announced the ban.

Trump's proclamation outlines, in some detail, the new limitations on travelers from each of the affected countries.

The Department of Homeland Security has recommended the president impose the new, targeted restrictions on foreign nationals from countries it says refuse to share sufficient information with the USA or haven't taken necessary security precautions. The new order bars travelers who are Syrian and North Korean nationals, while some Venezuelan government officials and their families will also be excluded from the United States.

Taylor described what he said was "our guiding principle".

The presidential proclamation said that although Chad's government is "an important and valuable counterterrorism partner of the United States", it does not share enough information to enable the judge whether its citizens posed a threat to public safety. "Today we must report to the world that our people have been directly threatened by the President of the United States". Restrictions for Somalia will be relaxed for non-immigrant visitors, and restrictions for Iran will be relaxed for students and other exchange visitors.

Venezuela is open for dialogue with the U.S. government but is ready to respond to any hostile actions "in the same field in which we are attacked", Jorge Arreaza told reporters on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on Monday.

Trump had originally tried to ban the entry of nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iraq, in his January order, but scaled back his efforts in a more narrowly tailored version written to better withstand legal scrutiny in March. Citizens of those countries would be denied entry or face other travel restrictions until their governments made changes. Trump later derided that second order on Twitter as "watered down" and "politically correct". At a dinner in NY last week with the presidents of Brazil, Colombia and Panama, Trump praised the good relationship between the USA and Latin America and enlisted the region to keep pressure on Maduro, calling his rule "disastrous".

Trump's latest travel ban makes clear that people who already hold green cards may enter, and it also lists the types of visas that will be banned from each country.

Critics accuse the president of overstepping his authority and violating the Constitution's protections against religious bias by targeting Muslims.

"North Korea does not cooperate with the United States government in any respect and fails to satisfy all information-sharing requirements", the proclamation reads.

This post was originally published at Howe on the Court. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on the original travel ban October 10.

If the court does dismiss the case, there remains the separate issue of whether the justices will throw out the sweeping lower court rulings that invalidated the ban.

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