Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Health | By Jay Jacobs

Kerala HC says 'All inter-faith marriages can't be termed love jihad'

The NIA is yet to find any "terror" angle in the conversions, an official said. The NIA is looking into aspects whether the organisation was actively involved in conversion of unsuspecting women to Islam.

When the advocate for the yoga centre argued that Sruthi's marriage was a case of love jihad, the court said "Don't say love jihad in every here and there, " The Indian Express reports.

The agency has sought a list from the Kerala Police of the converts who switched their faith since 2015 and subsequently entered into marriage with Muslims.

The counter-terror agency says it has recorded statement of three women who say they were lured to convert to Islam. Both also specified that they were not coerced.

Their families, however, feel that there is a ploy to convert them. "The conversion can not take place through luring".

Athira, who returned to Hinduism, submitted before the HC that she was a victim of love jihad and was taken to Sathya Sarani, an institution for converting persons to Islam and recruiting them to IS. She also has given a statement that she was influenced by Zakir Naik videos on Islam and observing her Muslim friends.

Sources say that the second Athira from Palakad eloped with a Muslim man and converted to marry him. The agency said in the Nambiar case, it was alleged that Sainaba, president of women's wing of Popular Front of India, hatched a conspiracy along with 11 people to trap Nambiar. PFI with its multiple fronts like Satyasarini and NWF is possibly responsible for conversion of women like Hadiya and Athira to Islam.

Section 57 of Kerala Police Act allows police to attempt to trace missing girls in danger or not under the protection of guardianship.

The Kerala Muslim man's marriage was annulled after the Kerala High Court described it as a "love jihad" case. But apart from being a law minister, I am also a senior lawyer of the Supreme Court of India. One theme which has particularly fuelled the concern is what is called "love jihad", a coinage for the alleged luring of Hindu girls by Muslim boys, trapping them in love and marriage.

Also among the 24 missing Kerala youth is Ayesha, a Christian named Sonia who embraced Islam just before her marriage to Rashid.

So far 40 PFI activists have been questioned in this connection with the case.

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