Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Main Questions Before The Game Titans vs Colts

Main Questions Before The Game Titans vs Colts

Of course, we all want to know the answer on the main one, whether Colts will find their way to close out games? And still, there are more important things to worry about, especially if you want to win a jackpot on next Monday game’s betting at BetNow sportsbook.

It is the third game in a row for Titans in the South AFC test this season. And it is their first return in three years.

Titans received another chance in the 6-week contest to step up and beat their own record of the 3-3 finishing the losing period. Since 2011 the bad luck with Indianapolis continues to follow them. And still. There are new blood and fresh minds, and they have Matt Cassel and Marcus Mariota as the good options for quarterbacks, and both of them sounds very impressive to us.

So, we all want to know an answer to the question: can this team use all benefits of their tight ends? During the 5 games, it may bring them the best position in the group.

We must look closely at the Jonnu Smith with 8 catches, Delaine Walker 21 catches and 3 catches of Philip Supernaw. Perhaps you already calculated this, they all have 33 receptions in common. In the group, better tight ends are rare. Only Chiefs from Kansas and Ravens from Baltimore have more in total.

In general, these guys have caught 33 from 45 total passes thrown to them or near them. Sounds really promising, right?

Philip and Jonnu in sum have 3 of 4 touchdowns during the 5 games. And Walker finished this with one touchdown.

Professional analysts give Delaine a title of the 4th best run blocking TE.

After the victory of Indianapolis over 49rs from San Francisco, we received Kettle’s 7 passes for 82 yards and 1 touchdown.

What Titans will do with snaps for running back? Perhaps, they are going to change the situation after the past week’s 11 snaps from Henry, and forty nine snaps by DeMarco Murray. Henry’s 4 carries also were small in this season.

Mike Mularkey, the famous Titans coach says that there are no reasons for disproportion. He confesses that he talked with the team after the battle with Miami, and they agreed to try their best to give more balls to Henry.

Specialists have already noticed that Henry is doing better now, and has bigger snaps percentage than at the time when he was a rookie.

Last year Derrick was only on 25 percent team snaps on the field. And Murray was 81 percent. This year, the situation has changed. He is on the 35 percent, and Murray is on the 67 percent.

Other calculations: last year Henry carried 152 yards on 34 times, and in the 2017 year he already made 43 carries for 187 yards.

Will Titans be able to improve their scores? The team struggled in Miami on the 3rd downs, making a 2-for-13 action.

We believe that it is still possible to make everything better if they will reduce the number of yards they usually face in such situations.

Who will win? We don’t know. Everyone has own opinion. Only you can decide who is worth your money.


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