Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

This is why it's important to celebrate International Day of the Girl

Child marriage often deprives girls of education and higher rates of serious childbirth injuries and death if they give birth before their bodies are ready.

"More importantly, sports infrastructure for girls is proposed to be developed for which the (Women) Ministry is willing to contribute funds", she said. But look carefully, they are telling a story; the story which is shared mutually by millions of girl around the world.

The International Day of the Girl Conference was organized by the U.N. Women, UNICEF and UNFPA in partnership with Aydın Doğan Foundation.

"Today, across the world, empowered girls are raising their voices to fight for their rights and protection in all contexts".

Spinning around the occasion of International Day of Girl Child, UNICEF posted a video on its official Twitter account which will smite your senses with the most brutal realities of the world. This requires us to invest in daughters, as the Government of India is doing. While we can applaud the ambition and potential of the SDGs for girls, and recognize how girls' progress is good not only for girls, but also for families, communities and society at large, we must also take this opportunity to consider how existing gaps in data on girls and young women, lack of systematic analysis, and limited use of existing data significantly limit our ability to monitor and communicate the wellbeing and progress of half of our population. We must address the concerns of parents, engage with them in making change possible.

From inequality in secondary school education and gender-based violence to child marriage and trafficking, there's still such a very long way to go until young girls' human rights are fulfilled. "I applaud the Government's "Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao" program, which is bringing about a mindset change across India in how we can collectively ensure that the girl child survives and is given equal opportunity to flourish in every sphere of life", said Ragini Sharma, Olympian para-athlete. (ALSO READ Mumbai CSMT Lights Up In Pink To Support International Day of the Girl Child).

The report outlined the difficulty in enforcing anti-child marriage laws because of community traditions and religious customs. Child marriageOne in three girls are married before 18, and one in seven before 157.

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