Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Tim Cook states technology not yet advanced enough for AR glasses

He also mentioned that whatever you saw on the market now, would not be to the satisfaction of the vast majority of people because of technicallogy limitations. Afterall, the company did introduce an ARKit for iOS 11. "The field of view, the quality of the display itself, it's not there yet".

"If it were on a different device then you would never have a commercial opportunity, and without the commercial opportunity you'd never have 15 million people that say, "I want to design my passion with AR". The concept envisioned by tech leaders and enthusiasts would see you wear glasses that overlay digital information on the real world as you look around.

In an interaction with The Independent, Cook took many questions around AR.

There are quite a few ARKit supporting apps on the App Store. But none have been advanced enough to compare to the experience of trying on a handsome matte foundation or tricky pair of pants in store. Cook adds that he doesn't think "anything will be untouched" by AR as the technology evolves and matures.

It will also take some time before we'll be able to scan and identify other women's coats on our phones. "If you think about companies that offer a fair number of shoes, and [if a customer] sees a shoe and goes I want that one, you just want to point and [buy]". While stating AR "absolutely will" be a part of future shopping, he said Apple isn't actively pursuing a presence in the retail space. But a "slicker" version of Google Glass isn't immediately forthcoming from Apple, Cook told Vogue.

All that said, it's extremely likely that Apple is in fact researching the feasibility of AR powered glasses, but it may not ever be something Apple ever releases. But the bloggers will have to wait a little longer.

He also talked about the AR glasses, which the company has been reportedly working on. In typical fashion, he did not disclose any information about the products that Apple now have in development but he did say that the technology to create augmented reality smart glasses "in a quality way" does not yet exist. And Apple, he said, won't ship an AR product unless it can deliver "a great experience". "But now anything you would se on the market any time soon would not be something any of us would be satisfied with".

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