Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Legends of Tomorrow: What Victor Garber's Exit Means for Firestorm

It was hard to watch the season opener, where Garber's Dr. Martin Stein was the only member of the Legends crew to be happy with his post-time jumping station in life (spending time with his wife, daughter, and soon his first grandchild), and not think something was up.

Actor Victor Garber is bidding the Arrowverse farewell.

Victor Garber will exit DC's Legends of Tomorrow during the just-premiered third season according to Deadline.

The CW and producers Warner Bros.

No specific details are known about what The CW will do, but Robbie Amell who also played one half of Firestorm departed the character, so it's possible The CW could do something similar with a new actor and character. He has since appeared as part of the main cast of Legends of Tomorrow, using his Firestorm powers alongside Jax Jackson played by Franz Drameh. Actor David Hyde Pierce now plays the part in the hit Broadway revival, starring Bette Midler. According to the report, Garber may return to "LEGENDS" at a future date. While no one would comment, a pending departure was inadvertently revealed in early September when it was announced that musical theater veteran Garber would return to Broadway, teaming with Bernadette Peters to headline the Tony-winning revival of Hello, Dolly!, taking over from David Hyde Pierce and Bette Midler.

A Broadway run is a big undertaking, involving a six day a week schedule and 7-8 shows a week.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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