Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

NBC Exec With Hollywood Ties Passed on Breaking Harvey Weinstein Story

NBC Exec With Hollywood Ties Passed on Breaking Harvey Weinstein Story

HuffPo, citing anonymous sources, reported that NBC had the report as recently as August, and that Farrow already had the audio recording of Weinstein at that time. "And it is not accurate to say that it was not reportable".

"I'm not going to comment on any news organization about any story that they did or didn't run", Farrow told Maddow.

"I walked into the door at the New Yorker with an explosively reportable piece that should have been public earlier" Farrow said.

The person behind the decision to pass on the story was NBC News president Noah Oppenheim, according to the Daily Beast. "He definitely never said a word about the New Yorker". "We launched [Farrow] on that story, we encouraged him to report that story", he said. But during a Tuesday appearance on NBC's cable news channel MSNBC, Farrow said he believed the story could have been broadcast.

Farrow, who joined NBCUniversal in 2014 as a host on MSNBC, now works as a freelancer for NBC News, and had been investigating sexual-harassment allegations against Weinstein for ten months.

According to HuffPost, an NBC source claimed Farrow's story for NBC was "nowhere close to what ultimately ran in the NY Times or the New Yorker".

What's more, there was some concern within NBC News about whether Farrow's involvement in the story created a conflict of interest. The video was leaked to The Washington Post, which broke the story ahead of NBC.

Ronan Farrow, who is the son of Mia Farrow and is estranged from his father Woody Allen, has gone on record supporting his sister Dylan Farrow's accusations of improper behavior by their father.

"By several accounts, at least eight women claiming to have been sexually harassed, abused, or assaulted by Weinstein had agreed to go on camera - a lot of them anonymously in shadow, but two alleged victims with their names and faces", according to the Beast.

But NBC News executives have strenuously - and privately - pushed back on the narrative that they spiked the story.

Farrow's comment, delivered on the company's own network, raised the question as to whether NBC News buckled under legal pressure from the notoriously aggressive Weinstein - or whether the company's entertainment connections to the mogul inhibited the investigation. And he has threatened to sue the New York Times for its October 5 story detailing lurid harassment claims and eight settlements paid over many years.

Last year, NBC came in for criticism for withholding the Trump "Access Hollywood" tape until after The Post broke the story. "We supported him and gave him resources to report that story over many, many months".

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