Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Pizza Hut's hot new delivery box

Pizza Hut's hot new delivery box

The brand's new delivery system contains a pouch made with 3M Thinsulate Insulation thermal technology and a pizza box with crisp sheet inserts. According to engadget, the pizza delivery chain unveiled a new apparel item hot out the oven: the Pizza Hut parka.

The delivery pouch, which includes Thinsulate in the first layer, has a PET aluminum radiant barrier layer to reflect the pizza's heat back into the pie, along with layer No. 3 that locks in heat with a pink fiberglass insulation, the release said. A Pizza Hut spokesman says more than anything else, consumers want a hot pizza.

The internet has strangely fallen for a new ad campaign giving pizza lovers chance to win an oven-hot jacket with cool pizza-ish features. The new system promises to feature in variables like traffic, construction, and weather, thanks to a new algorithm Pizza Hut put in place. How to make sure that pizza is still hot after its trip with the delivery driver.? The company said it has spent more than two years examining the "delivery ecosystem" including the pizza box, the pizza box pouch and delivery from the locations. But you can enter to win one by ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut online or through its app.

In today's top trending stories, a mother bear and two cubs were caught red pawed rifling through ingredients at Antonio's Real New York Pizza.

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