Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Google Assistant support added to Hulu for Android TV app

Google Assistant support added to Hulu for Android TV app

The tech giant wants to make video calling an integrated part of a users' phone.

With the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google also introduced a revamped version of the eponymous Pixel Launcher, with fresh bouncy animations and expanded dock functionality in tow.

To make video calls from these apps, the phone manufacturer needs to enable video calling.

Assistant is a little bit fragmented (if you hadn't noticed) with Google Home, Phones, Android Wear, TV and even Auto all having different amounts of integration. "You can now start a video call directly from where you call or text message your friends, through your Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps", Jan Jedrzejowicz Product Manager, Phone app said in a blog post.

The Pixel 2 launcher comes with new features including the bottom Google Search bar, a Glance widget, and minor animation changes. If both participants are on a carrier that supports ViLTE, the video extension of VoLTE, the call will be routed through the carrier's service.

If you are more interested in the updated Google Camera, I'm sorry to say that it looks like you'll need a Google device to make it work.

One big issue users are most likely to complain about is how the Truecaller app will have to redirect them to the Google Duo app whenever a video call is initiated. In other cases, including if only one person is on ViLTE, Google Duo is used to connect the video call to other Google Duo users.

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