Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Hannity to interview Trump in Harrisburg tonight; here's how to watch

Hannity to interview Trump in Harrisburg tonight; here's how to watch

As of October 10, the US owes over $20 trillion in debt, a slight increase from January.

If the GOP wants to be on the right side of history, they will distance themselves from Trump immediately and starting putting country ahead of party. "Possibly picked up the whole thing in terms of the first nine months, in terms of value".

"So, you could say in one sense we are really increasing values, and maybe in a sense we are reducing debt", Trump added, before Hannity quickly moved on to another topic.

Also, more or less accurate - $9 trillion to be exact.

Huh? To say this is a head-scratcher is an understatement.

Trump is, however, relatively accurate about the money borrowed under Obama and gains in the stock market, although his direct impact on the latter is debatable. When investors get richer, it does not reduce the amount of money Congress and the federal government has already spent and owes. No commensurate spending cuts have been proposed.

Hannity's whiney Twitter post follows a statement released by Sasse on Wednesday, in which the Republican senator took Trump to task for threatening to "challenge" NBC News' license, which would be a stunning assault on the U.S. Constitution.

"For evidence that the two metrics have little to no bearing on one another, look no further than the eight years of the Obama presidency: Between 2009 and 2017, the S&P 500 returned 235 percent while the national debt soared", CNBC's Christina Wilkie writes.

"A higher stock market encourages consumers and companies to spend more, which helps the overall economy", said Valliere of Horizon Investments.

And while Trump likes to talk about "reducing debt", the economic policy proposals he's unveiled so far, especially his tax reform plan, could easily add another trillion dollars to the debt, according to economists.

As for that stock market rally, the Standard and Poor's 500 is up almost 20% since his election - an impressive rally.

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