Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Jason Aldean Addresses His First Audience Since Las Vegas Shooting

Jason Aldean Addresses His First Audience Since Las Vegas Shooting

He canceled shows in Los Angeles, San Diego and Anaheim, California, last week out of respect for the victims and to take time to mourn.

And then Jason took almost five minutes to talk about what was on most everyone' s mind: the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas almost two weeks ago.

He thanked the fans for coming tonight and said that they were going to help them get through it as well.

"Every day that goes by, we think about the 58 people that lost their lives".

He admitted he was unsure about how to play the first show back, since he wasn't sure how fans would react.

Ryan Guay and Lynzee Freund, who helped save a little girl's life, were gifted tickets to Aldean's October 12 show courtesy of Tulsa-based radio station K95.5.

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shootings, New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison assured New Orleans residents that police would be in a "heightened sense of awareness" during upcoming events and that his security forces were working in tandem with New Orleans hotels to prepare for a Las Vegas-style attack.

Two of Las Vegas shooting survivors were present at Thursday's concert, according to Tulsa radio station KWEN-FM (K95.5).

After "They Don't Know", "The Only Way I Know", and "Johnny Cash", Aldean took ample time to talk about the shooting in Las Vegas and everything he's been feeling since. "A week in a half later they're in Tulsa finally getting to finish the Jason Aldean concert".

Jason Aldean's triumphant return to the stage included a message to domestic terrorists - "f*** you!"

"These people are gonna continue to try and hold us down and continue to try to do things to us that are gonna make us live in fear and be scared, and not go out and do what it is we want to do, whether it's go to a concert or go to a ballgame or go to the mall or go to a movie", he said. "We don't really care what you try to say, what you try to do to us".

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