Published: Mon, October 16, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

When Denver will meet New York

When Denver will meet New York

According to the opinion of football experts, an upcoming match will be an unforgettable show. Go to the Sportsbooks That Accept U.S. Players, to win your prize. While many of them believe that Broncos will be complete winners and Giants can’t even keep up with Denver, we believe that it is not the time to jump into conclusions.

Last Sunday, during the game with Chargers, Giants lost corps, and it was pretty unusual and perhaps even cruel punishment for them. They lost three good players in one position at season during one day. Dwayne Harris, Brandon Marshall, and Odell Beckham Jr. are the very serious loss.

From the other side, there are some rumors that there will be no Sterling Shepard on Sunday, to collaborate with Eli Manning in this game. However, experts believe that it is not the first problem of New York. The main problem, according to specialists, is leadership in this team.

General Manager of Giants Jerry Reese is very welcomed to share his thought on 0:5 scores of his team.

As for Ben McAdoo, some of you may say that he has lost the last control over his own team. He did not mind the dog-pee weird celebration of OBJ but left Manning alone in his fight with the delay penalty. And now, when Apple talks about the culture of Giants, Rodgers-Cromatie is suspended and Jenkins can leave the field in the middle of the game, we can’t be very surprised, can we?

Let’s admit that the whole season in the League was not so good, and results from games often were shocking for devoted fans. 

Still, there is a hope that Broncos will not get them easily. Even if Giants will give up, it will be a bloody fight for Denver.

The prognosis for now - Denver 11 ½.

Of course, Giants will look for the first win in the whole season this year. It will be the third time when they come to the Sports Authority Field. In the 2011 year, they already lost to Denver. After that, they lost them again on Thanksgiving of 2009.

All the games were shown in the prime time.

This season New York team met with five new losses, and Denver has 3-1 and had a good rest. It is the 4th time for Denver team to play in their own territory this season.

Two of the wins that Broncos got were made over the teams who once defeated New York Giants, Cowboys, and Chargers.

Broncos are leading this time. And there is no much hope for Giants who won only one meeting postseason with Broncos, during the Super Bowl.

What is the secret?

The main success of Broncos, as it is believed by professional players is in their defensive and offensive fronts. Right now they are at the third place on the NFL table. They are proud owners of 143.0 rushing yards.

Their power in Ron Leary as a right guard, and Garett Boles from the left side. As for the defensive part, it is even better than their O-line.


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