Published: Tue, October 17, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Astronauts on ISS Show Off Tricks With Fidget Spinner

Astronauts on ISS Show Off Tricks With Fidget Spinner

Nasa astronaut Randy Bresnik, who has been on board the ISS since July, posted a video showing the astronauts spinning around the toy.

To the worldwide space station trends reach with a delay, so it is not surprising that spinner got on the Board just now.

"A fidget spinner in space!"

Many videos with the unique fidget spinner tricks are making their way to the internet lately but the latest video uploaded by NASA beats them all. The video features several members of the space station crew taking turns playing with the fidget spinner (which sports a NASA logo) and performing impressive zero gravity flips and body rolls.

Thanks to the lack of friction, coupled with the floating-in-mid-air thing, space has managed to pull off the impossible: it made fidget spinners cool.

The International Space Station crew regularly posts wonderful content which we really encourage you to check out. The current team shares all kinds of awesomeness from amazing, high-resolution pics of Earth landmarks to clips of them eating pudding in zero gravity. One of the latest experiments conducted involves studying Newton's Laws of Motion with the help of a fidget spinner. How long will it take to spin?

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