Published: Tue, October 17, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Google Photos Can Now Recognise Your Pets Individually

Google Photos Can Now Recognise Your Pets Individually

It can actually recognize your pets which means that you no longer have to search for their pictures on Google Photos by typing generic search terms such as "dog" or "cat".

Pets can additionally be labelled by name, making it easier for users to pull up relevant photos of their loved ones. The tech giant, today, announced that Google Photos can now detect photos of your pets automatically and it will also group their pictures together.

This isn't ideal. Google was quick to acknowledge to BuzzFeed that Photos might get confused if you have different pets from a similar breed, so don't expect it to tell the difference between your golden retrievers. The service has put half a dozen "pet-inspired" audio tracks in the movie editor so that users can add a soundtrack to those movies. Head over to Google Photos right now to see whether it has gone live in your region or not. Their pictures constitute a significant chunk of our Google Photos library.

Flickr was similarly criticised for inadvertently dehumanising people, shining a spotlight on the issue of machine bias. Back in May, the company rolled out an update that compiles photos and videos of your pet to make a short pet movie starring your furry friend.

Google Photos has been increasingly using AI-infused computer vision smarts for a while to help its 500 million-plus users organize their snaps, including auto-rotating tools and self-curating features.

The feature also suggests who to send them to, based on who is in the photo.

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