Published: Wed, October 18, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Of course Alphabet is working on a drone-powered burrito delivery service

Of course Alphabet is working on a drone-powered burrito delivery service

X, the organization known as Google's "moonshot factory," announced Monday that is using drone technology to deliver burritos and over-the-counter medicines to rural communities in Australia. After a few months of testing, Project Wing Co-Lead James Ryan Burgess has described a bit about what's actually going on out there - and it involves burritos.

Chemist Warehouse, as well as the Mexican food chain Guzman y Gomez, is now helping Google's parent company, Alphabet, test its drone delivery service.

"Once we decided we were onboard, we immediately got to work on creating the Guzman y Gomez Drone Mothership", the company writes on its blog.

Its endeavors in Australia are the latest move in the drone delivery race heating up among big brands.

"Our drones are able to deliver items nearly anywhere-backyards, public parks, farmlands or even fire-breaks", Burgess wrote on Medium.

The remote food preparation facility serves as the central hub for the delivery service, with drones picking up orders and carrying them to hungry customers.

The terrain of the Canberra region with large estates and lots around is ideally suited for Project Wing to test out their deliveries, said Mr Burgess previously. "But we need to train our systems to reliably identify safe and convenient delivery locations".

The drone drops the order gently on the ground, the hook detaches and winches back up, and the drone then flies back to the launch site.

Burgess said dropping off burritos will help them fine tune the logistics of getting food to customers while it's still hot.

Residents of the area face a 40-minute round trip to pick up supplies of any kind, and are therefore considered prime users for a drone delivery service.

"With each delivery, we encounter a new yard space with its own layout of trees, sheds, fences, and power lines", Burgess wrote.

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