Published: Wed, October 18, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Toyota Concept-i to debuted at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Toyota Concept-i to debuted at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Catch the Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride concept as it makes its public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show together with other Toyota concept vehicles.

The Concept-i series includes two vehicles, the Concept-i and Concept-i RIDE. At its widest, the vehicle is around two metres in width - around 11cm more than the S-Class.

This is possible, Toyota says, because of the car's hydrogen fuel cell powertrain, which has allowed it to push the cabin dimensions across the full length and width of the vehicle, with the wheels close to each corner each containing an electric motor.

The AI in the Concept-i can also monitor the mood and alertness of the driver and can switch from manual driving to automated driving. Alternatively, it can stimulate certain senses - not just sight and touch but also the driver's sense of smell - to "rouse drivers into an alert state when they feel drowsy, and to help drivers experiencing higher levels of stress feel more relaxed".

The interior of the Concept-i is claimed to be futuristic design with the instrument panel being at the centre and offering the driver a 3D head-up display.

"Toyota says the core technology underlying its Concept-i series is an AI system created to recognize drivers' emotions by analyzing their facial expressions and tone of voice".

The brand plans to test the systems for road cars at the start of the next decade, suggesting some of the technology could make it to market in the years that follow. The new concept has gull-wing door design, an electric sliding seat, a joystick and user-friendly operations for wheelchair users. And if the driver appears to be extremely stressed or agitated, the system can take over and enable autonomous driving - a feature that Toyota calls the "Mobility Teammate Concept". The concept auto, to be introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show next week, will include artificial intelligence and automated driving features.

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