Published: Wed, October 18, 2017
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Trump dodges question on visit to DMZ

Trump dodges question on visit to DMZ

But Sullivan warned that the US and its allies must be prepared for the worst in case diplomacy failed.

Vice President Mike Pence is meeting with Japan's deputy prime minister on economic issues ahead of President Donald Trump's trip to Asia next month.

Senior diplomats from South Korea, the United States and Japan will have back-to-back meetings in Seoul on Wednesday to discuss their coordinated approach toward the growing threats from North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. -South Korea drills and what he called USA plans to remove the North's leadership. Last week, the United States flew two B-1B supersonic bombers from its air base in Guam to South Korea to try to demonstrate its power against any North Korean aggression.

United States President Donald Trump will start his five-nation tour from November 3 to call on the worldwide community to pressurise North Korea over its nuclear programme.

The B-1B Lancers flew from the air base in the US territory of Guam, which North Korea has threatened to strike in a missile attack, and flew "in the vicinity of the Sea of Japan and the East Sea", according to a statement from the Pacific Air Force.

North Korea's deputy U.N. ambassador, Kim In Ryong, said Tuesday at the United Nations that his country plans to conduct more satellite launches, which outside governments see as a cover for banned tests of missile technologies. "We have already warned several times that we will take counteractions for self-defense, including a salvo of missiles into waters near the USA territory of Guam". The North has yet to carry out its threat.

The drills occurred on the day North Korea celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the regime's ruling Korean Workers' Party, founded by the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's grandfather Kim Il Sung.

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