Published: Fri, October 20, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Former Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino: 'I've already been vindicated'

Pitino noted he has passed a lie detector test arranged by his attorneys and says he is "1,000 percent" sure he will not face any criminal charges in the matter, "because I know the truth". Ten people, including an Adidas executive, were arrested.

In the interview with Bilas, Pitino said: "I have no knowledge of any of this", and said he'd passed the lie detector test. "I take ownership for who I hired and I take full responsibility for that".

What Pitino should've done during Wednesday night's interview is acknowledge that he's at fault. I'm guessing Pitino expects nobody is watching TruTV outside of the NCAA basketball tournament. And while neither Louisville nor Pitino were explicitly named, interim president Greg Postel later confirmed the school was part of the probe, and CBS News identified Pitino as "Coach-2" in the documents - an individual who allegedly assisted in funneling money to the Bowen family. He said he took ownership for two hires and said Adidas must take ownership for what it did.

Multiple assistant coaches have been caught up in the rapture of the investigation, which has been wide in scope.

Pitino said he has made a decision to sue adidas because the company "took my love and my passion away from me".

"They're largely responsible for what has gone on", he said.

"I've already been vindicated".

Asked by Bilas how he felt about his treatment by UofL, Pitino took aim at the UofL trustees and said they were not representative of the school that he knows and loves. "But I believe Brian Bowen chose the University of Louisville because he loved the visit, he loved his future teammates and he wanted to play for me".

Pitino said he could not have known that one of his assistants was involved in the scheme to bribe players, and he doesn't answer to people who think he did know or should have known, as "I'm going to answer to God, and I know the truth".

Pitino has not had contact with this players since he last talked to them.

"We want the government to have any and everything that they ask for by way of emails and phone records", Grossman said. It was just two years ago Pitino denied having any knowledge of members of his coaching staff setting up potential recruits with prostitutes on campus visits.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a Louisville assistant coach met in a Las Vegas hotel room with a top Adidas executive, an AAU coach, and an agent to discuss getting payments to the player of a family who would, in turn, commit to playing for the Cardinals.

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