Published: Sat, October 21, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Trump Says He'll Allow Release of Secret JFK Assassination Papers

Trump Says He'll Allow Release of Secret JFK Assassination Papers

Conspiracy theorists don't have to hang up their tin foil hats just yet. Ted Cruz was associated with Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, a claim he has never reneged nor apologized for.

US President Donald Trump said Saturday he will allow long blocked secret files on the 1963 assassination of John F Kennedy to be opened to the public for the first time.

The thousands of documents are set for release by the National Archives on October 26, but it has been unclear if President Trump would block their release on the basis of national security concerns.

The US President tweeted earlier today that he will open "long blocked" files about the murder of JFK in Dallas in 1963.

Government officials Friday told Politico Magazine they were anxious about publishing classified documents created in the 1990s, explaining it could expose relatively recent American intelligence and law-enforcement operations. The agencies are concerned that information contained in some of the documents could damage national security interests.

The collection includes more than 5 million pages of records, photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings and other artifacts - most of which are open for research, according to the National Archives.

The officials did not comment on what details regarding Kennedy's death would be kept secret under Trump's order to block the release.

Republican members of Congress, including Senate judiciary committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, have urged Trump to allow the full release of the documents.

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