Published: Sun, October 22, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Hillary Clinton Used This Trick To Try Skipping Donald Trump's Inauguration

Hillary Clinton Used This Trick To Try Skipping Donald Trump's Inauguration

"The grilling got around to Russian interference in the United States election, the special counsel for Russia and on the investigation into Russian meddling and possible collusion, [with all] looking into connections between Russia and the Trump team [and] connecting Manafort to Moscow [as well as] his contacts with the Russian ambassador", the conservative watchdog group announced. One of those people is Trump's former opponent, Hillary Clinton, who recently wrote a book trying to make sense of what had happened to her and everyone else.

Hillary Clinton did her best to get out of going to President Donald Trump's inauguration in January, she's revealed.

As per tradition, Clinton attended the inauguration with her husband, former President Bill Clinton "to show support [for the] continuity of our government". But we no longer live in that time, as Clinton will attest having a year ago lost the US Presidency to a former reality television star.

"I really tried to get out of going", Clinton said in a Friday episode of Norton's BBC show.

"We thought okay, maybe others aren't going", Clinton said, to laughter from the crowd.

"We called the younger Bushes they said, 'Yeah we're going.' We called the Carters they said, 'Yeah we're going, '" Clinton said.

Despite the controversial U.S. campaign, Clinton hoped there would be a semblance of rationality in Trump's speech.

She explained, "I wanted him to rise to the occasion of being our president", and that didn't pan out the way she expected or hoped.

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