Published: Mon, October 23, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Justin Bieber reveals new massive torso tattoo, Twitter has savage reaction

Justin Bieber reveals new massive torso tattoo, Twitter has savage reaction

It goes without saying that, whether you like his tatt or not, it's Justin's body and people just need to let the man live.

Justin Bieber is certainly no stranger to ink - he got his first tattoo, a tiny seagull outline on his left hip inspired by Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull, when he was just 16. It's not a subtle tattoo, with shaded black ink now covering the majority of the pop star's front torso.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 23-year-old enlisted the help of famed celebrity tattoo artist, Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy, who documented the making of the tattoo on his official Instagram page. Bieber's own post has amassed 3.1 million likes since he shared it on Saturday, along with more than 156,000 comments that run through a full spectrum of emotions.

From the cross under his eye to the "Better at 70" on his thigh, Justin Bieber likes to get creative with his ink.

Justin's tattoo artist, Bang Bang, explained over Insta Stories that the entire work took a whopping 26 HOURS to complete. "We have added the two angels on the two sides, each of them dominate the evil. The skeleton on one side and snake the other", said the tattooist.

"It's symbolic of Gothic art and the struggle between the light and dark, the good and the evil, Yin and Yang", he continued. And to make things slightly more comfortable, they worked on it from Justin's home. "I tried to do something that has a meaning and that is not inconsistent", he added.

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