Published: Mon, October 23, 2017
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Kyrie Irving fined $25000 for inappropriate language towards a fan

Kyrie Irving fined $25000 for inappropriate language towards a fan

Irving can be heard replying "S- my d-" without looking up at the fan.

Irving was captured on video offering a lewd response walking in the visitors' tunnel toward the locker room after someone yelled to him, "where's LeBron?"

Irving was key to Boston registering the win, filling the stat sheet with 21 points and six rebounds. He later said he did not have any regrets about the incident.

Irving is seemingly trying to leave his history as a member of the Cavs behind him, it is yet to be seen, however, if fans in the stands will allow him to do so.

Irving was responding to a fan in Philadelphia who yelled at him and made a reference to former teammate LeBron James during Friday night's game against the 76ers.

The league fined Irving $25,000 for "using inappropriate language when responding to a fan" the National Basketball Association said in a press release.

When asked about the incident during practice on Saturday, Irving took "full responsibility" for what he said but had no regrets about his choice of words.

While Brad Stevens says the league talked to Irving about his comment, there has been no announcement regarding a fine. Glad that he got his (social media name) out there. "I take full responsibility what I said and excuse the kids at home and you move on".

Later, Irving added: "At the end of the day, we're human".

"But like I said, I take full responsibility for what I said". "If it's in heat of the moment and frustrations arises - we were at halftime, we were down by 4, in an environment, a season-opener in Philly".

"Hell no", Irving told reporters, according to multiple outlets.

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