Published: Thu, October 26, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Congresswoman wants Kelly apology as spat with Trump endures

Congresswoman wants Kelly apology as spat with Trump endures

John Kelly, President Trump's chief of staff, is grimly suited to addressing the family of a fallen service member.

Kelly then went on to condemn Florida Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson, who was with Myeshia Johnson, the recipient of the president's call.

The statement also said the women of the CBC were "appalled" by Kelly's remarks, specifically noting that he called her an "empty barrel", a term reserved for loud individuals who lack substance.

"I feel very sorry for him because he feels such a need to lie on me and I'm not even his enemy", Wilson said of Kelly, according to The Times.

Wilson entered the center of a media firestorm after calling the president's remarks to the widow of Army Sgt. Trump said he had written letters to the soldiers that would be mailed over the weekend, and that he would like to call the families even though "President Obama, and other presidents, a lot of them didn't make calls".

Her description was backed up by the soldier's mother, Cowanda Jones-Johnson, who said she felt disrespected. That came after she had added a new element by suggesting a racial context.

Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson on Sunday called Kelly a "puppet of the president" and accused him of character assassination for asserting that she was grandstanding at a building dedication in the memory of two slain Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in 2015.

"The video clearly shows Secretary Carson channeling Donald Trump and maligning a Gold Star family's sacrifice", American Bridge spokesperson Harrell Kirstein told TPM by email.

The false propagandists, instead of acknowledging that Kelly mistakenly referred to the funding rather than the naming, decided they could use the mistake to "prove" that Kelly made it all up.

Kelly himself was drawn into the controversy after Trump, while defending himself, revealed that former President Obama did not call Kelly to express condolences in 2010 after his son's death. Casualty officers are then dispatched to the homes of relatives, where they "proceed to break the heart of the family". The latest tested by the position he's been put in by the President is the by-all-accounts honorable chief of staff, retired four-star Marine Gen. John Kelly.

When a reporter asked Trump why he had not commented on four USA soldiers recently killed in an ambush in Niger, the president's need to frame himself as better than his predecessors prompted a tortured response.

Of course someone who actually listens to what Kelly said at the press conference will know that Kelly is not simply a Trump mouthpiece, rather Trump trusts him to make good decisions and, as he spoke about, is able to speak wisdom to the President and help in the President's decision making. Lauderdale, Florida, contributed reporting.

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