Published: Fri, October 27, 2017
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Sushma Swaraj seeks investigation in Sherin Mathews adoption

Sushma Swaraj seeks investigation in Sherin Mathews adoption

After police found her body in a culvert near the family's home, he told detectives he forced her to drink the milk and did nothing as she choked and died at the home.

According to court documents, on Monday Mathews came to the police with his lawyer and said that he "physically assisted" Sherin with drinking milk in the garage of their house after she had earlier refused to drink it. The body of Sherin Mathews was found on Sunday in a culvert under a road almost 1 km from her home.

Meanwhile, Wesley's wife and Sherin's adoptive mother Sini Mathews has hired Mitch Nolte, a renowned criminal attorney, to represent her in the case from now on. The accused has been charged with injury to a child, a felony punishable with a maximum 99 years in prison, the police said. He said he went to check on her after about 15 minutes. He is charged with child endangerment and is out on bond.

After almost two weeks of searching by police using drones, her body was found on Sunday in a ditch near their house in the city near Dallas.

Sini Mathews, meanwhile, has obtained a new set of attorneys, who said in a statement released October 25 that the mother knew nothing of what was happening to her daughter that evening. "At the same time, that information may implicate her".

"Now that Mr. Mathews has turned himself in to the police and told them what happened to Sherin, we see no need for Mrs. Mathews to endure further police interrogation".

Mathews, in a statement released by her lawyers, claimed she had nothing to do with the death of her adopted special needs daughter, Sherin.

When her body was discovered this week, he changed his story, Richardson County police said.

The couple, Wesley Mathews and Sini Mathews, visited the Mother Teresa Anaath Seva Ashram in Nalanda with their elder daughter and the video shows Sherin, who was then named as Saraswati, is crying just like any other child in the hands of strangers.

"The child had no problem at all when she was here, neither in drinking milk or eating", Babitha Kumari, who owned the orphanage, told WFAA television station.

People continued to stream by several memorials in honor of Sherin on Thursday near her home.

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