Published: Fri, November 10, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Clinton Dismisses Brazile Book Claims: 'That Just Wasn't the Case'

Clinton Dismisses Brazile Book Claims: 'That Just Wasn't the Case'

She alleged that the Clinton campaign blocked her request for more resources to campaign in hotly contested states.

Liberal "Late Night" host and Clinton fan Seth Meyers did his best to soft-pedal the question when he asked her about the controversy.

Brazile: I found the proof that there was cancer. "You could not penetrate them".

The new group is called Party Majority and is co-founded by Mike Lux, a former aide to President Bill Clinton and Adam Parkhomenko, who worked as director of grassroots engagement for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, according to the network news.

"I'm focusing on making sure that grassroots Democrats know that our party is going to become stronger".

Brazile said that Clinton's version of bailing the DNC out was putting the political party on a 'starvation diet, ' which the former DNC chair said was a bad thing.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told Anderson Cooper that interim DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile "showed an enormous amount of courage" in telling the "the truth" about her time at the helm Wednesday night on CNN.

Hacks also blasted Wasserman Schultz and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their "incompetence" over the hacks.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders praised Donna Brazile for her "courage" in disclosing the Democratic National Committee's perhaps unethical deals with Hillary Clinton's campaign during the presidential election, but also stated he wanted the focus to be on fighting back against President Donald Trump's agenda.

After senior Democratic Party officials were made aware of the hacks, Brazile says that both the party leadership and the Federal Bureau of Investigation displayed 'incompetence'.

"Everybody worshipped the data and the analytics", she wrote in her book, "Hacks".

She also criticizes the Federal Bureau of Investigation for failing to directly notify Wasserman Schultz sooner about the hacks.

Brazile writes that two senior Obama administration officials, then-Attorney General Eric Holder and former national security adviser Susan Rice, both told her that the DNC "took a long time" to respond to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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