Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Texas Church Shooter's Ex-Wife: 'He Just Had a Lot of Demons'

Texas Church Shooter's Ex-Wife: 'He Just Had a Lot of Demons'

The ex-wife of Devin P. Kelley, the man accused of carrying out the worst mass shooting in Texas state history, said he made threats to kill her and abused her during their relationship.

Brennaman's account of Kelley's behavior emerged in a Friday preview of the upcoming airing of her interview with CBS' Inside Edition.

Kelley pleaded guilty assaulting Ms Brennaman and fracturing her young son's skull in 2012 while he was in the US Air Force.

Brennaman, speaking to Inside Edition, said Kelley threatened to kill her and her whole family. Investigators say Kelley had sent threatening messages to her.

"He put (the gun) to my temple, and told me 'do you want to die?'", she told the U.S. television show.

She said he told her, "I could just bury you somewhere here in the desert and nobody would ever find you".

Devin Patrick Kelley fatally shot 26 people at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Judy Green said she positioned herself to keep an eye on Kelley at all times.

Officials said the church will be demolished and it will serve as a temporary memorial. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison and court martialled, and should have been prohibited from buying a gun - but the air force failed to document his record.

He once flew into a rage over a speeding ticket, according to the 25-year-old, who said, "He had a gun in his holster.and he took that gun out, and he put it to my template and he told me, 'Do you want to die?"

Kelley was given a bad conduct discharge after pleading guilty to assaulting his then-wife and stepson.

The mother-in-law sometimes attended services at the church but was not present on Sunday.

Law enforcement officials continue their investigation at Sutherland Springs Baptist Church as the sun begins to rise on November 6, 2017 in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

An American flag hangs upside down from a home near the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on November 6, 2017.

Saturday was the first chance many people had to visit the small town since last Sunday's attack, in which more than two-dozen people were killed. Kelley died of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound after the massacre.

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