Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Bella Hadid Gracefully Saved Gigi From Stacking It In Public-Again

Bella Hadid Gracefully Saved Gigi From Stacking It In Public-Again

Serena Williams sizzled in a gorgeous gold and black Versace dress at the 2017 Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Monday night.

It was a fitting choice, considering Williams was presenting Hadid with an award!

The blonde beauty explained that although she experiences her fair share of doubt and heartache, it's important to remember that "a small idea" can transform her outlook.

During her touching tribute to her model pal, Williams, 36, said, "Gigi, you are one of the few people on this planet I would leave my baby for - for one night - but for you, it shows how much you mean to me". "I love you so much, so thank you".

"She's inspirational to me and she's inspirational to all women", the tennis champ concluded. "You're never alone, and you're never stuck, no matter how down you feel". That there is help. "Let's offer our support and create change". It is about building bridges. "Bridges bring understanding, they bring empathy, but they bring change, and that's what we need, we need change".

"Thank you for supporting and embracing me, for allowing me to fail and to fall down and get back up, brush off my knees, even if they're bloodied, and fly".

Bella and Gigi were en route to Glamour's big "Women of the Year" awards, where Gigi claimed her 2017 "Woman of the Year" award with a heartfelt speech.

Gigi Hadid almost took a tumble in front of the cameras on Monday night - but luckily, her sister Bella came to the rescue. You help people everywhere to think, "Yeah, I can do this, ' whatever 'this" may be, and you are amongst the women that inspired me to better myself and to seize my life.

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