Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Emirates releases new advert fronted by Jeremy Clarkson

Emirates releases new advert fronted by Jeremy Clarkson

The capacity is comparable with the old Boeing 777-200 and the new Airbus A350-900 - which lost out in the race for the Emirates order. A first class flight aboard an Emirates flight in January from Dubai to Brussels will cost a passenger as much as $6,500 for a near seven-hour flight, around six times the cost of an economy flight on the same route.

Singapore Airlines, the World's Best airline for 22 years in a row, recently unveiled its new first class suites for the Airbus A380 - and the design is impeccably luxurious. That rapid expansion has drawn howls of protest from US and European carriers who allege Emirates, Qatar and Etihad are unfairly reshaping the aviation market with subsidized state support. The carrier began its operations mimicking Southwest Airlines and flying shorter flights around the region with fewer frills.

For entertainment, Singapore Airlines' KrisWorld entertainment system lets passengers select what they want to watch beforehand through the SingaporeAir app, or bookmark and resume content from wherever they left off. "They (Airbus leaders) are all here", Clark said. All parts of the plane have had a multimillion-dollar upgrade.

Speaking to Reuters at the Dubai Airshow, Tim Clark also said the largest Middle East carrier would probably stick with the Boeing 787 for its mid-sized fleet needs after ordering 40 of the jets on Sunday and could order more of them in future.

However, Airbus no longer seemed to expect the order to come through at the Dubai Air Show.

The Boeing 777s don't have the showers that are aboard Emirates' A380s. A new commitment by Emirates, reportedly to be close to 40 aircraft, would drive the backlog back up to around 100 aircraft, which would be sufficient to fill the production line for more than 10 years at the low production rates now anticipated.

"It gives us far more in our arsenal to deal with the type segmentation of demand that we're looking at in the next decade", said Clark. How Boeing and the engine manufacturers are proposing to tackle these concerns is not clear, but Emirates' decision to place a $15.1 billion commitment at Dubai indicates that Clark is satisfied now that solutions have been identified.

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