Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Google Doodle Celebrates 131 Years Of An Office Staple: The Hole Punch

Google Doodle Celebrates 131 Years Of An Office Staple: The Hole Punch

The liveliness demonstrates a sheet of paper doing a little dance in the wake of being punched.

It's not only helped corral dangerously thick reams of papers for easier organization, the hole puncher has also provided many a test of physical strength.

Google India traditionally posts a doodle dedicated to Children's Day on November 14, which is also the birth anniversary of India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Google had been holding the Google 4 Doodle competition every year since 2010, till the hole punch doodle this year.

Basically, a hole puncher is used to create holes in papers to assemble and file them together.

131 years since its invention by German entrepreneur and inventor Friedrich Soennecken, the question of whether such a device has a place in an increasingly digital world.

He is also credited for inventing binder and a special nib for ink pens that was suitable for calligraphy. Soennecken is now a well-known German company that specialises in office supplies.

Another type of hole puncher is the single hole puncher, which is primarily used to punch tickets.

The design of the hole puncher has not changed much in the 131 years since its invention. Later hole punch was patented by Benjamin Smith, who named it "Conductor's punch". But the predictions and all flew up in air and Google doodle made even an interesting and surprising update on Today morning.Well, that sounds like 131st Hole Punch celebration in the Eye of Google Doodle rather making a Doodle gif of Children's day. The more drawn out the lever, the more sheets of paper can be punched through with the same negligible power. In search of a solution, Chenard contacted one of the largest dye-manufacturing facilities in the U.S. She suggested the puncher that would make small holes in decorative paper be made available to the general public.

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